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Hey there! Welcome to Luna Mae And Company!

I'm Cadri, Digital Marketing Strategist and I understand your passion and drive.

You have your vision and you can almost touch it.  But, there are systems and planning that need to be put in place, and you need someone to come in and make your visions real so you can finally live them.

You need a complementary partner. A planner to your vision. 

This is where I come in and make it happen. I take all your great ideas and make sure you're focusing on the ones that can advance your big picture idea.

In turn, we'll get the working pieces together, grow your business on autopilot and drive real results.

You'll wonder how you lived without me by your side from the beginning. 

I'm not kidding, when I say I'll take your visions and make them come to life. Working together creates a relationship like no other. 

Schedule a call with me today and we'll discuss your vision and a strategy that we'll put into action. I promise you won't be disappointed. 

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Working with Cadri on my website was easy. She was highly organized, strategic and is an excellent collaborator. She cares about the success of her clients. She helped me to create a brand that I'm proud to showcase and that depicts my company. I'm even more confident in my brand. She helped me to nail the look and feel I wanted. I look forward to working with her on other projects and I am over the moon happy with the results we achieved together!!



Kimberly Elahab 


I wasn't entirely sure how to effectively engage potential clients using Pinterest. I had nothing set up and I was missing valuable client interest. Cadri not only set up boards for me in categories that aligned perfectly with my business, she also gave me a great starting point for growing my Pinterest Presence. She had excellent communication throughout the project and exceeded the deadline and my expectations. It was a pleasure working with her and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to grow their business. 




Cadri helped me design my landing page into my paid course. I absolutely love how it turned out as her design work is amazing. She was able to identify the process and what to focus on to lead the client to sign up. She was professional, paid attention to all the details I needed, and was efficient. I would definitely hire her again. 

Irene Muriuki 

You have a vision and you strive to get down to business. You know it starts with you because your visions are what your dreams, goals, and the things you want out of life are made of.

As a visionary entrepreneur, you are passionate, driven and optimistic. You're a world changer, a creative risk taker, and you have a strong vision for your life and business.

You can see the end of your vision, but you're stuck. A mental roadblock prevents you from putting the pieces together and accomplishing your goals.

But what if I told you, I could prevent those roadblocks.You'll get to your vision quicker and more efficiently.

You can't wear all the hats, and it's time to take them off and give one over.

You need a plan and a strict roadmap that can fit with your natural tendency to pursue all the opportunities.  You need someone to get the working pieces together and grow your business on autopilot.

By creating direction to refine and achieve your visions, you'll have a framework that is flexible enough to allow you to pursue your visions and move toward your goals.